Eastern Cup #3 — Rumford

Rumford, Maine we love you so!

This past weekend, the JNT team made the pilgrimage to Black Mountain for two days of bluebird racing. While our travel up to Maine may have been less bluebird, race days dawned cold and clear, and we were treated to fresh corduroy.

Saturday was a joint Eastern Cup and EISA Carnival. Sadly, this assistant coach didn’t get any photos, but our skiers mixed it up admirably in deep collegiate fields. The team was rebounding from sickness and not everyone felt peak fitness. That said, there were tons of highs throughout the day, racing-related and also in adjusting perspectives and maintaining positive attitudes.


Sunday’s classic sprints were Eastern Cup-only, and our skiers went head-to-head with their peers. We are thrilled that everyone sent it in the qualifier and 7/9 athletes raced highly-competitive heats. We were once again impressed with the team’s thorough preparation and dedication to each other. Spencer skied about 25k between warming up for his own race and accompanying three others on their respective warm-ups. Further proof of this group’s supportive nature was on display as they cheered on Ann in her U16 semi, a full six hours after the first qualifier.

It wouldn’t truly be an Eastern Cup weekend without a little fun thrown in there too. Nor would it be a true trip to Maine without a stop at Marden’s (Surplus and Salvage, in case you didn’t know). So, the team put on its own fashion show Saturday evening. The girls’ team set the bar incredibly high with a choreographed dance routine, and the boys held their own with some all-star purchases.

The whole gang in true Marden’s fashion!

Up and up and up! Eastern Cup Finals this weekend at Dublin and Holderness — we couldn’t be more excited!

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