Eastern Cup #2 — Craftsbury Extracurriculars

The Craftsbury Eastern Cup weekend gave us lots to celebrate from a racing perspective but also spawned (ha) some excellent outside-of-skiing time. Friday night was Hil’s birthday, and we held a team-wide Talent Show throughout the weekend.

To briefly recap, the team did a great job decorating the boys’ house with all manner of party supplies, and Ann, Catherine, and Elsa adopted their alter-egos of Barbara, Nan and Delores. They then proceeded to perform a feat of TV-show-quality master-baking, producing some excellent muffins and a fully formed cake in no time — a bit of Hollywood magic mixed with microwave magic. On Saturday, the run of show included a beautiful viola performance from Hannah, an epic rap battle introduced by Hannah and performed by Dirk and Spencer, yo-yo and magic tricks by Jacob and Justice respectively, and perhaps the most ingenious fireside chat ever from Nacio. The coaches did also engage in the revelry, though they’d rather not admit the extent of their talents. Deniability is key.

Below are some hot takes from the participants / audience members. We recommend following up with these individuals for more details!

Justice: Nacio’s performance was… out of this world!

Victoria: Most hilarious frog performance ever! It might’ve been the best part of the weekend.

Ann: Barbara, Nan, and Delores’s cooking show was so fun and the look on Hilary’s face when we pulled the cake out was priceless. For the talent show, I saw my coaches cheering for me today and could only picture them as eggs and tadpoles. So grateful to be on such a goofy team.

Hannah: ‘Twas a pleasure to introduce Spencer and Dirk’s act.


Spencer: I got to practice some hardcore rapping with Dirky-wirky. Gotta say, his rap was okay, but he couldn’t compete, cuz my skills were s-w-eet. Also got to watch many other great performers; I learned about barns in central Pennsylvania (just kidding, from central New York), and got to witness Jacob almost break the window with his Diablo, as well as learning about the frog lifecycle. I was sooo excited when the balloon popped in front of the fire!!!

Dirk: Very fun, Nacio’s fireside talk was hilarious and the life of frog was very fun to watch.

Jacob: I may or may not have the first couple minutes of “The Life Cycle of a Frog” by the coaches on my phone. Video available upon request.

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