Thanksgiving Camp at Forêt

Spencer, Elsa, Hannah and Keelan reflect on an excellent Thanksgiving Camp. We are incredibly proud of all the work they put in over the course of five days and their willingness to cap it all off with a time-trial with most of the Eastern collegiate teams. When not skiing, we kept busy with games, endless meals in the dining hall, and a trip into Quebec City. Read on for the highlights!

On Foret and skiing:

Spencer – The conditions were great! Sooooo beautiful! Also a good combination of flats and hills, so I felt like it had it all!

Hannah – Forêt Montmorency has amazing snow, beautiful scenery and gorgeous sunsets. The room keys really liked to get locked in the rooms, though. Spencer locked himself and Keelan out once, and Elsa and I locked ourselves out twice. When I went the second time, to tell the very nice lady at the desk “Désolé, mais nous avons renfermé notre clé dans notre chambre encore une fois” she seemed rather amused, but went down with me and unlocked the door. Merci mille fois, nice lady at the desk.

Elsa– Skiing here has been amazing– I can’t think of much else to say that hasn’t already been mentioned, besides that the deafening quiet of a boreal forest draped in snow and brushed with low evening light is unlike much else that I’ve ever experienced.

Keelan – The trails were absolutely incredible. It was like the Greens on steroids in November. Around every corner of every trail was a view more amazing than the last. The highlight of all the skis however was our Saturday evening sunset ski. The absolutely spectacular views coupled with one of the best sunsets I have seen in a while made for one of the most beautiful skies of my life, one which you wish would never end.

On Quebec City:

Elsa – Going into the city on Thanksgiving was a great way to both stay in touch with the culture of the region in which we were living for the week (which was easy to forget in the tree-filled silence of Forêt) and celebrate the holiday with warm lights, eloquent decorations, lots of food, and smiling faces.

Hannah – I enjoy just being surrounded by people speaking French, and getting to speak it a little myself. Also, it was quite fun watching Keelan frolic/try to stay warm after dinner.

Keelan – Quebec definitely knows how to do Christmas!

Spencer – The Christmas market was really cool to just wander around (as was the rest of the city). I found it funny that the two restaurants we had planned on eating at were closed J. The restaurant we ended up eating at had very good food, so I was happy!

On downtime and games:

Keelan – Table climbing was fun and something that should be introduced to the wider JNT community!

Hannah – in our second game of Catan, the coaches team was threatening to win, and so Spencer, Keelan and I teamed up to try and stop them. Our efforts included placing trade sanctions, and cooperatively funding my road building so I could thwart Hilary and Luke’s plot to get the longest road and win. They won anyway, but we held them off for a bit. Next time.

On food:

Elsa – The quality and diversity of options at meals was a positive surprise! There was always enough of everything in each meal– protein, carbs, veggies, etc. The servers were so kind and generous too, which made the whole dining experience even better!

Spencer – Yum.

Hannah – I very much appreciated that the cooks prepared me a special vegetarian meal for lunch and dinner each day (since the main options were always meat).

On the weird new assistant coach:

Spencer – Fun and definitely energetic. I’m just thinking of him “whipping” through Quebec City…

Hannah – Pulling a Luke has been affectionately defined (by the athletes) as overfilling your cup with a beverage and then spilling it as you walk to the table. His only serious flaw that we have discovered so far is that he likes Christmas music. Keelan declared that Luke is not allowed to play any of his holiday tunes until after Keelan’s (18th!!!!!) birthday on December 15. So basically, he’s great.

Until next year, Forêt!

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