Craftsbury Opener Queen’s Court

The Craftsbury Opener did not disappoint!

Competitive racing and a surprise snow storm made the day of skate sprinting feel like mid-winter. Sadly, Craftsbury was only able to host one of the two planned Opener races, but the Ford Sayre crew made sure to make the one day count. All athletes raced a qualifier and were then assigned a heat based on their time. Within each heat, the top two finishers moved up and the bottom two finishers moved down. All Ford Sayre athletes put in a total of four hard efforts and sharpened their sprinting tactics. Thanks to Craftsbury for running such a professional event!

As we drove home from the Northeast Kingdom, we prompted the athletes with these options:

1) Describe your day today in five words or fewer

2) Tell us which heat was your favorite, and why

3) Tell us what your looking forward to during the first Eastern Cup weekend

Their answers — thoughtful reflections, unexpected creativity, and everything in between — are below:

  • Jacob: Strength gainz are paying off!
  • Hannah: My first heat was magical. I didn’t feel like I was working ridiculously hard but I took all the right lines and openings and worked up from 5th to finish 2nd, perfect for moving up a round with minimal effort. I might actually be able to do sprints now.
  • Sarah: 2: My favorite race was the qualifier I felt very good and I was in control and I felt fast and light on the big uphill.
  • Justice: 3: I look forward to putting this weekends work into play next weekend and learn form today.
  • Keelan: I had a good last heat my skis were much faster and I felt good. I was able to get a good gap going into the downhill and was able to lead the entire race
  • Wyethe: My favorite heat was the last one because I was exited to finish, I was not dead, and I got to race against Julia and Hannah.
  • Ann: My favorite heat was my first because I was able to get ahead at the beginning and successfully control the race, but it was also my hardest race.
  • Spencer: ow. oof. ahhh. yay. J.

  • Dirk: My first heat was by far the best because it was very fun to race against Keelan Jack and Sam. My skis were very fast and I came in third.
  • Luke: FAST, freshies, four efforts, fabulous!


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