VT U16 & EHSC Qualifier

by Nacio

Sunday’s Vermont qualifier race was held at Rikert this year. For me it started with waking up at 6:30 because my family spent the night just outside Middlebury in an Airbnb. The hosts were quite lovely and they provided eggs, oatmeal, orange juice, and coffee for breakfast. What a pleasant way to start the day! 

A little after 8 I put some warm clothes on and walked outside to put my bags in the car. To my surprise, it had snowed overnight. There was now a light dusting of powder on top of the ice. It was now much more treacherous walking where the snow hadn’t been cleared. Somehow I made it to the car safely, and we were off to the race venue.

When we pulled up to the ski center, I unloaded my bags and brought them into the barn and claimed a table. There were several buses unloading in the parking lot, which created a bit of a traffic jam, but we managed to find a parking spot. I brought my ski bag over to the Ford Sayre area where Dennis and Scottie had set up, and then went back to the barn to pick up my bib.

Every skier at the qualifier skis two races. Both were 3 kilometers. The classic races were in the morning, and the skate races were in the afternoon. My first race was at 10, so at about 9 I began my warmup. I skied 15 minutes of L1, 10 minutes of L2 and another 10 minutes of L3, along with some speeds. Because I had left the klister on my training skis and there was fresh snow on the ground, my entire warmup was done on my race skis.

About 10 minutes before my start, I took off my pants and jacket and headed over to the start. Scottie was in the starting area, so I talked to her about my goals for the race. After that, it was time for my race, so I got in line and waited for the clock.

I didn’t think about much during the race, the 3 kilometers went by really fast, and then it was over. There was still another race in the afternoon, but I tried not to think about that while I was doing my cool down.


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