Rikert EC Weekend Part I: Friday

by Daniel

The bus up to Rikert was scheduled to leave at 3:15, so naturally the Bandlers arrived 5 minutes late, while struggling to cope with yet another difficult departure. Fortunately for the Bandlers, when they arrived, the team was still struggling with the logistics of packing the vans for two separate destinations. With some helpful tips from Hannah, John and Keelan managed to pack the skis into the precarious roof box, and strap them down. The van ride up was very quiet, until someone suggested that we play the Alphabet game. The Alphabet game involves looking out the window at signs, where you try to work your way down the alphabet by searching for letters. If you find a letter on a sign, then that sign is off limits. The people sitting towards the front of the row predictably curb-stomped, as those in the back could barely see through their fogged up windows. After that, people mostly talked about the last time that they had been there.

Finally, we arrived at the girls’ house. Our van was the second one to arrive, so when we entered the house was already bustling with activity. Some of the people were already in the kitchen cooking dinner, like Johanna who was making her world-famous salad, while some of the boys hovered around the Grand Piano, assembling a puzzle map of the world. Down a couple steps below them on the livingroom floor playing a game of bananagrams. After snooping through the kitchen, I ascertained that dinner would be burritos, and that my help wasn’t necessary at this time, I headed over to the living room, where Perrin had taken out a game that she had brought, called Wise and Otherwise. In W&O a person reads the first half of a proverb, then everyone writes on a card their best guess for its second half. Then, everyone votes on which one they think is right, and if you guess correctly, you get to move forward a space. It is really fun to play, especially with a creative group.

Dinner was, as I had learned, was delicious burritos with Johanna’s salad. It was quite good, and apparently I looked like I enjoyed it, because I received several comments comparing my eating style with that of Adam Glueck. After dinner, those of us who didn’t help make dinner cleaned up the dishes we made, and returned to playing games and working on the puzzle. In the other room about half of the team did what was apparently yoga, although I have never heard of a relaxing exercise which evolved so many shrieks of laughter. Then we all assembled for a whole team meeting, where we discussed strategy for tomorrow. After the short team meeting, it was time to return to our respective houses. My roommate was Keelan. Before we went to bed we hung out in the attic up on the third floor, where John Cunningham (aka “Runningham”) decided to pre-emptively warm up for the race on the treadmill. Finally, in a timely manner, we all went to bed.



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