Fort Kent Weekend: Saturday Skate Sprint

by John

*EHHH EHHH EHHH EHHH*, we woke with a start in the apparent attic of our temporary housing, the time was six o’clock and brisk it was at that time. The boys awaited the eventual call to arms by their numerous alarm clocks, but for a while they stayed there hands and pretended to sleep for just a bit longer. The night had been long and surprisingly eventful for a train had passed right next to there home and woken everyone, except andy… However today was a new day and our band of adventurers got up and got ready for the first eastern cup race of the year.

After joining the females in the group for a hearty breakfast they set out into the frigid morn, in search of glory and victory. Upon arrival at the venue after a rather long ride by motorized carriage they split up and got down to business. The girls went in search of some place to warm up for there race and the boys relaxed a bit longer before they followed the girls out for their warm ups as well. The race that day was to be a skate sprint around a course that offered no rest and a variety of things that would challenge all who happened upon them, strategy and fitness was the name of the game that day. At nine o’clock sharp, they all raced quite well, with four of the five of them making heats, three of those four making open heats. Then the boys went off and not quite up to par with the counterparts not a single one made heats. However they all raced well and, one of them almost made heats falling a mear three people short… less than a second! After cool downs had been had by all the girls started to warm up for there afternoon race. Hoping for another successful race they set out and did their best, and they all did admirably yet again but alas all but one of them did not make finals. That one person by the skin of their teeth held on and raced yet again, for the joy of the sport and the pure elation that it brought her to race along those groomed trails in paradise… if paradise was a consistent -2 degrees fahrenheit. While our brave amazon raced around the course her one last time, the rest of us went back to the house for some R&R.

The time at home was indeed relaxing as many of us found time to do homework or play card games, and some of us even slept. Once our final racer and our coaches came back home dinner was started, and it was pasta. It took quite a while to cook but it was an enjoyable experience to all, as greta and andy had a seemingly great time cooking the brownies, and we got to hear some of Greta’s great piano playing skills. Once dinner was upon us, we sat down and dug in, and with Dennis missing dug is a very appropriate word for what we did. Manners were out the window for this dinner.

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