Woodstock Time Trial

by Hannah

Saturday morning at Centerra dawned cold and frosty, although we knew our friends up in Fort Kent were probably colder and frostier. Excitement was somewhat visible above the many layers of coats, especially among the five 7-8 skiers who had come to join us five JNTers in our timetrialing endeavors. I wish I, the sleepy teenager, had as much energy as the 8th graders, who spent the morning trying to balance on the toes of their boots, throwing snowballs, and stealing hats.

When we arrived at Woodstock, the first thing we noticed was the snow. THE SNOW!! The entire golf course was covered in an immaculate blanket of sparkling powder, freshly groomed and waiting for us to ski on it. Honestly, they should have just held the first Eastern Cup at Woodstock.

After traipsing into the nordic center to change in unusually luxurious locker rooms (the women’s has several armchairs), we leaped out onto the snow and skated happily across the gently rolling terrain, while Keith and Welly tried to figure out where on earth the course went. Once that problem was resolved, we previewed the course, which was for the most part rolling, with some lovely sections of tuck-skate downhills, and wended its way through a very muddling maze of trails. Guiding us through this maze, we had only the map Welly had drawn on his hand (described by him as a fish with a straight tail that bent a little). Fortunately, during the actual time trial, the course was clearly marked, or some of us would never have returned!

Speaking of actual time trials, I suppose you want to hear about the actual time trial, not just me rambling on with setup. Very well, here goes…

photo: Woodstock Inn Nordic

We started in 30 second intervals, with Dennis all alone running all of the timing. I don’t know how he managed to keep track of all that! All I can say is that it was very humbling to have Jack Lange blast past me about two minutes into my race 🙂 I mostly focused on the technique pointers people had given me, and for the first time in a lot of races, I actually was not terrified by any of the downhills on the course. On the other hand, there was a universally hated uphill, after a very long glorious rollercoaster ride of downhills, that I am pretty sure was steeper than Murterbachen! (I know I spelled that wrong)

Anyway, fun was had by all, and that’s all I have to say 🙂

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