First Team Trip to Snow!

by Keelan and Perrin

This was a very exciting day as it was the first day we would be on snow as a team. After packing up the van – a little bit of an adventure as it had been a whole summer since we had packed up the van – we got on our way to Proctor Academy. Proctor was extremely generous and allowed us to ski on their one kilometer loop covered in man made snow. We arrived around 9 am and were greeted by the refreshing sight of a perfectly groomed trail. We unloaded the van and got our skate skis on. Because it was many of our first times on snow, we spent a lot of time skiing without poles to practice balance and get the feel for skiing on snow again. Our short loop included an agility course, jump skating, and 180’s (which resulted in many face plants). While we skied, Dennis was hard at work in the wax garage, expertly spreading klister on our classic skis. He kindly waxed all of our skis so we could have more time on snow-thank you Dennis!

Switching to classic skis, we reversed directions around the loop and attempted to kick up the hills. Evan led us through some fun technique and speed drills, and we even had some head to head sprints and finishing lunges. After Evan demonstrated his flawless uphill striding, the coaches watched us individually and shared their technique wisdom. The three hour ski was topped off with some double poling and trying to imitate the world cup sprinters that raced today. We were all very ready for some food and rest, so we repacked the van, and got back on the road for the trip home, during which we all were lucky enough to listen to the incredible song “Man’s Not Hot” by Big Shaq (highly recommend).

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