Day 12: Snørvillen Ski

by Erik              [this is the final athlete post of the Norway trip… stay tuned for some coach posts!]

Sunday morning was the toughest of all the other mornings to get out of bed. I opened my eyes to sunlight pouring through the window of the small bunk room. John and I slowly rolled out of bed. John literally rolled out of his bed, which did not end well since he was on the top bunk. The rest of the morning was a blur. My body was still in shock from the amount of skiing I had done on Saturday. I quickly threw on some ski clothes, as well as the last pair of clean socks that were left in my duffle. We packed up the vans with the skis of our desired technique and headed out.

The day was beautiful. The sky was bright blue and the snow sparkled as if to invite everyone in Norway to come out and ski on such an amazing morning. That was not far off from what actually happened. We hit the trails, and saw so many people out there just enjoying the day. The famous Zachary Caldwell and his family were out there as well, looking very pro. His son Gunnar was striding alongside us as we skated, and he had absolutely no trouble keeping up. The ski continued, and I could feel that my body was exhausted. I managed to double pole the rest of our 25 km recovery ski since my knee was feeling sore. I started to understand how Adam must have felt in the Birkie as I struggled up the last mountain thing that we had to get over in order to get back to the vans. Yes, Adam double poled 54 km on Saturday, and he survived.

top of Snørvillen

After climbing for a few kilometers, we reached the top and were treated with a wonderful view of the mountains and endless snowy hills. We took some quality team pictures, and then headed back to the vans. It was such an amazing last ski in Norway, and I don’t think the weather could have been any better. I was still tired though, so when we got back I passed out on the couch for an hour or so before attempting to neatly pack all my clothes in preparation for Monday’s departure. So anyways, it was a fun way to end our ski adventures in Norway. Maybe we will fit some more spring skiing back home, but if not, that was the best final ski of any winter that I can remember! 



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