Day 2: Skiing at Holmenkollen

by Erik and Perrin

We piled into two vans at our hostel and made the short trip to the Holmenkollen venue. These trails are some of the most difficult in the world and every year they host a huge world cup weekend of racing. People come from all over to see the 50 and 30 kilometer races, even setting up camps days before competition. We walked down to the stadium after waxing our skis and were all astounded by its size. We were among some of the best skiers in the world as they got ready for the weekend and some of them even waved as they skied by. And then we started the famously torturous 2.5 km of uphill that was the beginning of the course. The course was extremely wide and perfectly groomed and we laughed and talked, passing spectators already grilling and preparing for the festive weekend to come. The downhills were some of the fastest we had skied and it got us hyped for our future forerunning experience. So fun!

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