Sunny Icy Klister-Cleaning OD

by Sara

I arose from my bed looking forward to the adventure of a Tim Caldwell OD at Greens, and hoping against hope I’d be able to make it down my road. After finally getting past the gauntlet of car eating mud I was able to hop on the highway and get up to Lyme. We arrived in the Greens parking lot crowding around the klister truck mixing and matching as our own professional wax masters, using our PALMS to smooth out the klister and getting them thoroughly sticky. Packing away a few tubes and torches we soon cleared out and started up the trail through some snow boulders pebbles. Starting out on Black Bog we got through our first obstacle: going down a hill. Breaking the rules and doing the S-word (snow plow) we made it down in one piece. Upon reaching the end we turned onto Clough, a long rolly polly trail with the best conditions by far that day. We tried stick to groomed trail, however, we soon realized that was way too mainstream and transitioned to icy crust where our sticky sticky klister did us little good and disappeared altogether, we turned on the upper body power houses and went up, up, up…we may have cheated and skated a little bit. Finally reaching the top of our climb we got to go down a gnarly icy hill with Evan showing us how to go off trail and hit jumps on the side of the trail.

Returning to the main junction we took a short lounge in the adirondack chairs and ate our mid-OD snack, along with doing a whole reapplication job to the klister-that ice was thorough in its removal. With the sun warming us up, we headed back out finding the freshly groomed trail. As we began doing more downs the falls began with many a wonderful wipe out on the difficult terrain. There were a few rather impressive saves as well. Sadly our three hours soon expired and we arrived back at the cars, splashing through the mud one last time-our last team OD in the States!! An icy adventure created smiles and giggles for all as we made our finishing remarks and headed home to large amounts of food-we are skiers after all!

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