NH Series #2: 2.18.17

by Justin (finished by Perrin)

It was a crisp and cool morning with the sun bright and low in the sky. I was waiting at Mascoma High school. As I saw the white van approaching I jumped out of the car with my bag and skis, threw my stuff into the back of the Millikens’ car, hopped into the van and we drove away. The van was packed with bags, skiers, and enthusiasm. After an uneventful ride through the beautiful countryside of New Hampshire we arived at the crowded Plymouth High School. After unloading our bags we set up on the basketball court below the school. We shoved on our boots, put on our training skis and headed out onto the course. The course started on a football field, went down a little hill, around a baseball field and down a steep hill. It then meandered through a field, into the woods, along a river, and back towards the start for another loop through the woods. It went up a long gradual hill and around a sharp turn to drop back into the football field for the finish. The snow was deep, wet and powdery from the recent snow and multitudes of skiers. I had a good warmup that included some running and hopping in line for the bathroom. At the start there were lots of racers getting ready in lots of different colors. I wove my way into position and was off. I quickly dropped my heat and began the game of trying to pass racers on the narrow crowded course. I maneuvered my way between groups of skiers yelling track and hoped that people would move. This worked all right until I was going up one hill and someone I was passing skied over my ski causing me to fall and lose all my momentum. I skied smoothly through the finish for an okay race. I then went back out on the course with Grant and cooled down while cheering on the girls who were powering through the course.

When the girls finished and cooled down we packed our bags back into the van and headed into Plymouth for some lunch.

Our decision for lunch was “Burrito me,” and we opened the door to see the Dublin team finishing their meal. Soon we were all relaxing around the tables and couches. Activities consised of watching Grant knit, eating, drinking soda (can you believe it?) and commenting on the balmy weather. We nordic skiers couldn’t last long sitting inside, so we took a quick stroll down main street, stopping for ice cream. I think my teammates would agree that our trip to town competed for highest sugar intake at one time for JNT.

Upon rearrival to Plymouth high school, we piled out of our beloved van and “cleaning the van” quickly turned into “snowball fight”, which involved shoving snow down backs and Grant throwing a child-sized snowball at Tim, knocking him over like a bowling pin. After awards and team naming in the gym (Ford Sayre performed very well, with all of our skiers making at least one team), we got back in the van, ate lots of cookies and banana bread (Tim liked the one with sugar!), sang harry potter, and teased each other the whole ride home. Another fantastic NH series race in the books!

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