Silver Fox Trot

by Greta  (photos by Adam)


“And she’s off!!”….. in my head I could already hear Sara’s and Joel’s expert English accents as announcers of the (th) annual Silver Fox Trot. Usually this event takes place at our home course Oak Hill, but due to an unfortunate lack of snow, the race was to be held at Craftsbury Nordic Center, a cozy establishment in the hills of Vermont. As soon as we relocated the race, Hanover recieved 5 inches of powder.

Prompted by my enthusiastic alarm that I programmed to play “Can’t Stop the Feeling”, I sprang out of bed in time to dance to the chorus… yay! I dressed quietly in order to let my sister sleep, since it was only 6:00 AM. Then I descended the staircase and made myself cheesy eggs for breakfast and oatmeal with dried cranberries (because dried fruit is so amazing!) for my second breakfast to eat later closer to my start time. After I got out the door, my dad drove me to meet the vans at the Thetford Park n Ride. They arrived shortly, and the Thetford/Corinth/Lyme crew piled into the vans… the vans weren’t decorated yet because the markers froze😂. And the vans still don’t have names yet… oops! If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to tell us! (Name one of them Fiona, please.)

Once in the van, we listened to Sara and Joel practice their announcing English accents/characters with each other! After a fun van ride of trying to wake up, we arrived in the snow at Craftsbury Nordic Center.

The first races were the U18 men at 11:00. From the warmth of the volunteer headquarters in the Craftsbury Gym, some of the girls cheered on the U18 boys as they passed by the window that we were sitting at. All of them looked very strong and demonstrated beautiful technique. Soon it was time for the girls to warm up, and we reluctantly stepped out into the cold. Light snow had begun to fall.

I warmed up on the Duck Pond loop! The groomed snow was amazing, with two neat, fresh tracks that I used to practice switching between them efficiently. I began with a long stretch of level one skiing smoothly… actually maybe I will keep my warm up plan a secret! 😉anyways, my warm up was fun and got me so excited for my race!!!!

As I burst out of the starting gate (one second early😬), I reminded myself of my goals-but then I decided that more important than my goals was just to have fun. I tried to ski smoothly enough to keep having fun. The downhills were so amazing and fast; I kept passing and being passed by another girl, which made it exciting and kept me light on my feet. Then, I came to the long climb… At the bottom of the hill stood Tim, who told me “This is where the fun starts!” I was so excited by his comment because I had already been having fun, so I was fascinated by how much more fun the next part of the course would be. In retrospect, the downhills were a bit more fun in my opinion and the climb was painful, but the climb was fun too! On the last downhill, I tried to spit, but I couldn’t so I kept trying, which was my mistake because I was so concentrated on spitting that I didn’t notice the curve coming… oops! Luckily, I quickly stepped the turn, saving myself from a detour into the wilderness of Craftsbury. I tried to ski smoothly over the last hill which was difficult… I was wondering whether my long race would ever end!😂😁Afterwards, I felt amazing, and I know that I had fun! From talking to the other girls, I learned that everyone had had a good race with awesome wax!!! Thanks to the expert wax team, we hope you had a fun day!! I went for a long cool down (around duck pond! I think its becoming my favorite trail now😂). I returned in time to see the U16 boys racing up the first hill out of the stadium to embark on their five kilometer course. They all looked very smooth and you could tell they were working hard. Sara and Joel were announcing for part of the boys’ race! I didn’t actually get to hear it😔but I heard it was absolutely incredible. And if you take the announcers’ word for it, the race was attended by multiple olympians!!!

After everyone finished racing, we retrieved our bags, changed our clothes, and packed up the vans. The drive home was sleepy and fun! We jammed to music and we discussed our races, which all seemed to go well!! Such a great day of beautiful skiing in optimal temperatures with precise wax, amazing snow, and really fun people!!!

Quite the action shot of Kennedy! (click on any photo to see a larger version)

More pics from the day in this slideshow:

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