Holderness Time Trial

by Greta, Liz, and Kennedy

The morning began around mid-morning with little bit of extra sleep, which was greatly appreciated. We congregated at Centerra to pack up the van and head out at about 11. Different people took turns learning how to pack up the skis before the short ride began. The van wasn’t very crowded, and the ride over to Holderness was smooth and uneventful. We pulled into the parking lot at around 12 ready and were excited to race.

Upon arrival, we changed into our ski boots and grabbed some food to eat. We then had to put hard wax on our skis on top of the klister binder that we had put on our skis the night before. Most of the team put on swix blue wax(v30) before we headed out to do a group preview of the course. I was particularly excited for the race because it was the second time in the last two years that we were able to race without doing multiple laps (the other time being a time trial at Rikert last winter).

Wrapped up in many layers, we strode out onto our preview of the fast and fun course. When we started up the first hill, many of us figured out that our self applied wax job wasn’t working that well. Luckily it was only the course preview, so we could easily fix that when we got back to the van. The course began with an extensive climb and then transitioned into fast downhills with sharp curves! Exciting!!! The course ended with a long double poling stretch into the stadium. After the preview it was time to begin our warm up❤️❤️❤️⛷🎿⛷🎿⛷(we just discovered these emojis😂) and we headed to add wax.

The race was very tough. Though there were more flat sections then Craftsbury, the snow was very fast and the downhills got sketchy at times, especially in the last long one where there was a small jump-like mound in the middle of the trail! The snow stayed in good conditions throughout the race because it was so firm. The wax was tricky, so it was hard for me to get kick on the uphills, but it was a good opportunity to work on herringboning. Overall, a lot of people had good races and it was nice to get another opportunity to get on some good snow in a more relaxed environment.

After the race, we put on lots of layers including our puffy coats and headed out to cool down in smaller groups. I cooled down on most of the 5km loop, although had to cut off some of it because we were going very slowly and wanted to go back and change our clothes. We happily skied back and packed up our skis and then went in and put on some cozy new clothes for the ride home.

The ride home was uneventful because we were all tired from the racing. We talked about race reflections and basically rode in silence. A big thanks to Holderness for hosting us😘😘

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