Dogford & Moose OD – 12.4.16

by Andy and Liz

The morning began with a look out the window to see the dull, grey morning sky looking back at me. I pulled myself out of bed and into my training tights and base layers and headed downstairs for a hearty breakfast of eggs and sausage before driving to Dogford for the beginning of our OD. I stepped out of the car into the brisk outside air. Most of us had arrived at this point, and we were all suiting up to head out on our classic rollerski. We gathered at the end of the dirt road that intersected with Dogford and received our marching orders from Scottie and Dennis. We then set out in self-created small groups as we skied along. I found myself skiing with John, Jacob, and Keelan. We headed down Dogford working on our technique and doing specific strength for those who had not done it the day before. By the time we had made it about ¾ of the way down Dogford, it was time to turn around before we ran out of time. On the way back we began talking about how excited we were for the first eastern cup at Craftsbury. We then began discussing whether they would have enough snow to hold the event. We had seen no signs of snowfall anytime in the near future, and we were beginning to wonder whether Craftsbury could pull it off. By the time we finished that conversation,  we had reached Elm Road again and it was time to change out of our roller ski gear and into our running gear.


20+ JNTers would not be mistaken for a deer as they snaked their way up the AT toward Moose Mountain

The temperature began to increase as we began our climb up to 3 Mile Road. Many people shed layers once we had completed the first stretch of trail. Then it was time to make our way up Moose Mountain. We began to see exciting, fleeting signs of snow as the elevation got greater. The mountain started to become much steeper as we continued to climb. Once we had finally made it to the top, the view was beautiful!  Snow was visible on some of the higher mountains.  After a small break and snack, it was time to head back down the mountain. The trail was very slippery due to the combination of wet leaves, ice,  and snow, but not too hard to navigate. The team then regrouped back at the bottom of the mountain, except for those who wanted the extra challenge of continuing down to Dogford.  



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  1. It must have been very very difficult to come down from the top of the mountain on rollerskis with icy rocky conditions. Glad you made it to the bottom intact. CJG

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