Lyme Outing – 11.20.16

by Greta

When I got up, I could hear the rain drumming on my roof. I pulled up my blinds to reveal the slanting rain pit-pattering against my window. Are we really going to run over distance in this weather? I checked my email, and there was nothing new from the coaches. I shivered because I wanted to sleep more and stay away from the cold rain as long as possible. Instead, I went downstairs to eat oatmeal which effectively helped wake me up.

By the time I was dressed for the weather and out the door, I was so excited!!! I was bursting with enthusiasm and I was positive that the dramatic weather would make the OD even more fun! My dad dropped me off at Scottie’s house, and I hurried over to where the JNT was congregating in the garage, out of the rain. We quickly went through introductions and then we were off! To our delight, Paddy Caldwell joined us for the jog around Lyme and up Pinnacle.

We started by jogging at a comfortable pace along Dorchester Road. The rain was starting to let up. I stepped in numerous puddles and before too long, my feet were soaked! We chatted about our thanksgiving plans and got to know each other. After about a mile, we turned right on Franklin Hill Road; a steep dirt road that morphed into a muddy path because of all the rain. We ran along stone walls containing the sprawling farms. By the time we reached the Pinnacle trailhead, the rain began to pour, drenching us. At the beginning of the OD, I tried to stay dry, but once I stepped in the first puddle, I knew I shouldn’t bother trying so soon enough, on our hike up Pinnacle, I became absolutely saturated with water. The views from Pinnacle were non-existent because with the low rain clouds, Pinnacle’s summit was completely socked in. The wind and rain berated us and we huddled quickly for a group picture. Coming down was treacherous due to the banked muddy trail and my teammates and I frequently slipped and slid. We ran down Acorn Hill Road and back to Scottie’s house.


Once there, we picked up the eighth grade BKLers and hiked up the skiway! It was cold on the top and our group congregated to overlook the precipitous cliffs of Holts Ledge. Mist enshrouded the valley between Holts and Winslow and looking down into the fog was terrifying because the ground was hidden. We met with the other BKL families (not very many due to the cold and wet weather!) and we snapped a photograph.

It was SNOWING!!!!! Yay! It was so much fun running down Papoose in the snow, even though the plummeting temperatures made all of my wet clothing freeze. The snow was so exciting! As we ran, we wondered hopefully if we would have a snow day the next day. According to the snow day calculator, there was only a 34% chance, but we were optimistic! We hoped that the snow would accumulate quickly so that we could ski before our first Eastern Cup which is now only a few weeks away. With thoughts of snow resounding in our heads, we ran down Papoose and merged with the AT that brought us down to Scottie’s house.

When we got there, we snagged our bags of warm dry clothes and rushed to change into them. It felt amazing to be warm again!!! We gathered in Scottie’s living room to munch away at our lunches and sipped steaming mugs of hot chocolate. Scottie’s dogs, Pelle and Koli, pranced around and said hello to everyone. The JNT skiers made a card for Paddy wishing him luck and a fun ski season. We drew a snowflake and a skiing snowman on his card. Once everyone was cozy and warm and all of the parents had arrived, we began our annual kick-off-to-the-season meeting.

Each of the returning members of the JNT shared a few tips as we talked through a typical Eastern Cup weekend with the new members of our team. I am so excited for the season to begin! The snow was piling up on Scottie’s deck. When I returned home, I happily ate my first bite of snow of the year!

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