First OD of the Season!

by Sara

Jump outa bed and and get ready to jive
The time for skiing is ready to arrive.
First OD of the season is here,
As we gather together for the first time in a year.

Snap on the helmet, skis, boots, and poles
Don’t forget orange, part of falls code.
Head down the road, coaches in tow
Rolling along in a row of neon yellow.

Practice that stride
Of weight shift and glide
Hearing the clickety clack of poles going smack
Everyone having a nice little chat.

Some time has passed and we must head back.
Boots to sneakers and helmet for hat
It’s time to hit the trail
so we can eventually get some of that chocolate ale.
Chugging along and catching up on some tales
We speed through the woods like a white tail.

Little roots and big rocks
We jump around in our running socks.
The leaves are slippery slick,
Almost like snow with a little kick.
With the swish and crunch we make our way
Through the trees and day

Up and over and through the woods our tale is almost done
But not before a few dance moves are thrown out
To a little someone
To Lucy feel better and the rest a good luck
For ski season is here
And we must be ready to tuck!



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