Sunapee Area OD

by Perrin and Kennedy   (photos by Linda)


the authors

Back in July………

After a delayed start due to thunderstorms, we set out on the beautiful trails that the Cunninghams had included in their expertly planned route. The trails were very well maintained and were fun to run on because they were wide with limited obstacles. Most of the run was in the woods and shaded which was perfect because the day was beautiful but also very hot. We connected to the trails on the Cunninghams’ property which were beautiful and awesome to run/walk on since they also were very well maintained. We hiked/ran uphill for a while and eventually arrived at the Cunninghams’ house for a quick snack break and to refill our water bottles. The snack break was perfectly placed along the route and was roughly the halfway point so anyone who did not wish to do the full distance could either start or finish the OD there. Thanks to the Cunninghams for providing the delicious snacks, the watermelon, and the cold water!

We quickly started up again, this time running on roads. We got to enjoy the quiet shaded back roads near Lake Sunapee and marveled at the newly-paved rollerski heaven that we were running on. The road was somewhat twisty but very hilly. Walking the ups and running the downs, we slowly made our way past the 17km mark to our final destination: the beach! We washed off in the refreshing water of Lake Sunapee (preceded by more watermelon) and after resting on the dock we decided to have a swimming relay race. I apologize to my teammates (Malcolm and Tim) because as I learned, I need to work on my swimming skills. After a quick game of around the world on the basketball court some of us headed off to fill our stomachs at Stacy’s smoothies. Yum! Thank you, Cunninghams, for hosting a wonderful run and swim, and for showing us your neck of the woods!

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