GMVS Agility Camp: Day 1

by Tim     (photos courtesy of GMVS Facebook page)

That Wednesday was a rather big day for me. To start, I got out of school two days early because I took all of my finals in three days; not such a fun thing to do but it meant I was free of the stress that comes with the end of school sooner than others. It also meant that I could go to the GMVS agility and speed camp and get a head start on my summer nordic training. However in the process of getting ahead I had managed to bend the fork of my woodskis doing some agility pre-GMVS to get ready for the camp. Due to that unfortunate accident I was forced to borrow my brother’s rollerskis, thank you John, but with all of that cleared up and my finals complete I gladly drove myself 1:40 minutes to the GMVS campus to start day one of four of the agility/speed camp.

FB_IMG_1466290254436Upon arriving-I’ll save you the description of me singing to The Proclaimers “500 Miles” on the drive up-I was given a T-shirt, my room assignment, and a schedule of the camp’s activities which had our afternoon practice starting promptly 30 minutes after I checked in. The first workout was some foot-based agility in the form of stations, this was probably my best day of agility for the duration of the camp. My group’s first station was ladders with one of the Italian coaches. By the way we were joined by Italians from the GMVS sister school in Italy, because that’s where Italians come from. The first few drills were easy and built up my confidence in my agility, then he, the coach, had the group do some drills that were a bit more complex, I scratched my head a few times on one of them, and proceeded to throw dodge balls at us so we couldn’t see what our feet were doing. Not to pat myself on the back or anything but I think I stepped on my own feet the most of my group.

FB_IMG_1466290245912The next few stations were challenging but succeeding was a much more achievable goal when compared to the one I was just at. There was an obstacle course with some jumping and foot slaloms, there was a color coded game of hopscotch which was rather challenging, and a jump rope/balance station to round off the agility. The entire workout took about 86 minutes, for the sake of my training log, and upon conclusion we were released to get cleaned up for dinner. The rest of the night was rather uneventful so I retired to my dorm room and slept, very exciting.

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