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It was a cool morning in New Hampshire and it would have been better if all the U16 skiers did not have to get up at the crack of dawn, but we did.  The weekend started on a Friday for us and we all got to get out of school for a day which was great.  However I still had to ride a bus which I had to board at a school.  I was the first stop which was Lebanon High School, and I wish I could say more about the bus ride but pretty much the second I sat down in those seats I was out like a light.  I remember waking up for a raffle they had on the bus, where various things were handed out, including shirts, duct tape, coffee mugs, playing cards, and kick wax from the 1900’s.  

When we finished our tour de New Hampshire, we arrived at the venue where I witnessed the fastest unpacking of a bus I had ever seen.  After we unloaded we placed our skate skis in the rack and went for a walk.  The walk was probably just to get the skiers out of the wax techs hair but it felt good to stretch our legs after a long bus ride.  After our walk we grabbed our freshly waxed skis from the racks and went swimming, I mean skiing.  We did our course preview but weren’t allowed to go around more than once because there was not enough snow, which became more and more evident as we skied through literal streams, the finish zone had at least 3 inches of standing water at all times.  So after our ski we got ready to race, we all were given our uniforms and bibs and were sent out to the start.  Today it was a skate sprint which I was not looking forward to, but I ended up finishing just one place above my bib number which was nineteen.  After the boys race I went to eat and pack until the girls race started, at which point I went to go cheer them on.  

When the girls finished the team packed up and left for the Hotel, when we got there I was able to witness more of that efficient unpacking that seemed to be the norm with these people.  We all filed into our rooms and waited for dinner.  After we had all eaten we had our yankee swap and then went to bed for the night.  We awoke the next morning to the sound of various alarms going off all at the same time.  We got dressed and pulled into the cafe for breakfast.  After that a quick meeting and then we were off again to the venue.  

Today was a classic day, it started off with the 5K classic race followed in the afternoon by a sprint.  In the morning it was kinda chilly and the snow was actually sorta firm compared to the mash potatoes that we had to ski through the day before.  But by the afternoon it was once again just slop.  After the day’s races finished up we went back to the hotel to shower and then left again for the banquet that was held that night.  The food was good and the awards ceremony was lengthy but fun.  After the individual awards finished up they announced the current placements of the states.  It was Vermont, New Hampshire, Midwest, Maine, Massachusetts.  

20160313_111656After that we all went back to our lodging for a quick sleep, and in the morning left again but for the last time.  Today was the final race a 5K skate race.  We all finished wonderfully but nobody was celebrating just yet because there were rumors floating about that New Hampshire might win the cup this year.  After much anticipation and a long wait the final awards ceremony began, it started with the individual awards.  After that they made some announcements then moved on to team awards, they started with last place and moved up, Massachusetts, Midwest, Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire.  We had won the cup for the first time since this event started we had won the U16 races.  Many screams went into the air and after we finished screaming yelling and hugging each other we took pictures and got our fancy headbands which was the reason I was happy about winning personally I mean who doesn’t want free clothing, and that’s how the weekend finished up.



Andy, Aidan, John, Kennedy, Perrin, Johanna, Greta – the 7 Ford Sayre members of the victorious Team NH celebrate with the U16 Cup

All photos above by Linda; racing photos below by Dennis and Linda (email readers, click through to view in a browser…):

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