Speed Camp

by Tim

[event date: 3.23.16]

IMG_1328Let me start this blog post by saying last week was my week off, that is, it was my week off until Wednesday when I went up to Craftsbury with my brother to go ski fast with some Olympians. Or rather, they would ski fast and I would ski desperately in an attempt to “keep up.” In any case I was not expecting to go to Craftsbury during the week, because a two hour one way trip is simply not a rational thing to do during the week with school, so when I got home and was told by my mother that it was OK if John and I went, I was rather ecstatic. I needed a ride but to shorten that story I simply got Dennis to drive John and I, much thanks to you, I am very grateful.

Ok now to talk about the camp. The day at Craftsbury was amazing: no wind, mild temperatures, a surprising amount of snow, and ten really scary-fast US Ski Team members; there was even an Adam present. One unexpected factor was the overwhelming amount of little kids, I’m not sure if “amazing” would be the right word but it was definitely of that scale, stupendous I think.

We started by splitting into two groups, essentially older kids and younger kids, then went on a ski around the 3.3K course, and the day got that much better. The entire course was COMPLETELY COVERED IN SNOW, that’s about it, but still. Once we finished our lap the two groups went to different stations. The big kids started with starts, I know just hang on, and our coaches were Noah Hoffman, Ben Saxton, and another really fast guy. The snow was really soft but it was fast, and going up the hill to the upper stadium was phenomenal to work on powerful V1 in soft snow. I think I only fell once there, I guess I’m working on that over the summer.

IMG_1331The next station was agility followed by a fast transition up a short steep hill in the woods, and Paddy was at that station, which made it even more fun. The course was much icier in the woods and since the agility was on a downhill, it was pretty tough. Trial one was a success, for the agility course in that it put me on my butt pretty quick, but the day was still young. The bottom of the agility hill turned sharply uphill into the transition zone, and that went very well, fast V1 up and over into a fast V2 to the finish. We did that several times and went for a small cool down lap along the rest of the trail where the agility only got ramped up by the not amazing number of little kids all trying to go to the same place like the end of the world was coming. Never have I been so afraid of stepping on an obstacle in my entire life.

We ended the day with a relay, just a fun little thing, which I promptly fell on, but the real day maker was doing speeds with Adam and Reese Hanneman. We did two sprints, of about 50 meters and, not gonna lie, Reese is a kind of fast guy. The second sprint was closer, until I fell, but that’s not important. All in all it was a great way to end the season and an even better way to take a break from an off week.

A few more photos:

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