Craftsbury EC: Classic Race

by Adam

[event date: 2.6.16]

Starting     (Gary Solow photo)

Adam starting (Gary Solow photo)

I strode out of the start, trying to focus on a quick tempo, then immediately switched to double pole.  One of the main reasons I like Craftsbury’s man made snow loop is the frequent occurrence of transitions.  I love skiing super hard onto the base of the downhill and uphills, and letting my momentum carry me up.  Immediately after the start I found a nice looking pole lying on the ground, then soon after saw an APU skier in skate boots on skate skis trying to double pole with one pole (poor them).  I strode up the big uphill, trying to quicken my tempo as I flew over the top.  After a gradual decent and another slight climb, the course came to a tricky s-turn which had been completely scraped to ice.  I stayed on the mushy berm on the outside to avoid falling, and eventually made it back into the stadium.  Right before chip hill, some super fast SuperTour skiers passed me double poling.  When the course came to the super steep chip hill, I got to use my kickwax and herringbone in between them, which was really satisfying (although they passed me again after).  I began to pick off people one by one on the second lap.  On the S-turn on my third lap I saw Macolm fall ahead of me on the ice, but I managed to get by without hitting him.  On my fourth lap, I could see a big group of NYSEF and SMS skiers ahead of me, so I kicked up Dinosaur hill to catch their pack.  After negotiating the S-turn a final time in the group, I broke from them on the following uphill, spurred on by my teammates cheering.  I raced around the stadium one more time then sprinted down the finishing stretch and lunged across the line, immediately prior to collapsing, devoid of energy.  Overall, it was a great way to end the Eastern Cup season on a high note and a really fun race.

Slideshow of Gary Solow’s and Michael Ketchel’s photos (email readers view in browser here):

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