Strafford Race

by Sara

[event date: 2.20.16]

Sara and Greta on the hilly course (Dave Kynor photo - from Strafford Facebook page)

Sara and Greta on the hilly course (Dave Kynor photo – from Strafford Facebook page)

It’s kind of strange to think that all the Eastern Cups are done, but that didn’t stop us from racing. As we woke up to a sunny morning (in our own beds, can you believe it?!) a contingent of the Ford Sayre crew decided to do a super fun, low key race in Strafford where there was actually pretty nice snow! It was to be 2 laps around a super hilly – literally, it was all hill – 2.5K loop with some other high school teams. It looked like a fun course as Greta and I skied around it during our warm up, noticing that we would actually be able to ski on race skis. After listening to the same song a few times in the stadium our race arrived, the gun went off and so did we. Greta and I were instantly able to take the lead and we were able to keep it that way finishing 1 and 2. Yipee! Congrats to Greta for her best placed finish EVER!!!!!!! Then came the boys race. We decided to go out on the course to watch them go and they looked awesome, all of them finishing strong. It was exciting to be able to race something that can just be completely fun, you don’t need to worry so much about it and it just puts a smile on our face and a sparkle in your eye. Sadly, the day had to end eventually, and we lugged all of our stuff back up to the cars to go – don’t forget some chocolate milk on the way out though!

Slideshow of Dave Kynor’s excellent photos shamelessly borrowed from Strafford Nordic Center’s Facebook page (email readers click through to the blog in a browser to see the slideshow):

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