Lake Placid EC: Classic Race

by Sara

We arose on Sunday morning, tired from the previous day of racing but looking forward for more. We wiped the sleep from our eyes and got ready for the next races of the day; eating a yummy breakfast-the eggs were superb, and making sandwiches. Of course we had to make some extras for Tim Caldwell, no less than 4! Finally we squashed ourselves into the vans and headed to the races. For most it would be a 5-kilometer classic race, up to the top of the ski jumping hill and then back down twice. However, for the men and woman out there, it was the daunting 10K race. Four times up the mountain and four times back down. Yay! As our races were later in the day, we were able to watch the boys and girls go through the motions of warming up and then giving it their all on the course. It was fun to cheer them on and wish them luck, watching them all have spectacular races on such a hard course. Our U16’s skied amazingly and made the rest of us psyched up to race, although the 45º temps kind of threw us off.

Pictures from Adam and Linda C:

At long last it was time for me to warm up and race. Walking down with Dennis who was giving me helpful advice, “stay relaxed, whatever you do, just stay relaxed,” and then off to the start waiting for the gun. For me it was a fun race, and I found I was actually looking forward to the uphill rather than the flat sections, I guess all those years living on a mountain and training at Oak hill paid off :-).

Also, can I just say we have geniuses for wax techs? They absolutely nailed it. Thank you!

Finally, the very last race of the day had come by: the manly men in their splendid tights! We watched them go by once, twice, yet again, and one more time!  Here is a slideshow of photos from Gary Solow:

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All the while cheering our hearts out, and watching Perrin single handedly wage war against the klister on most everyone’s skis. Go Perrin, Whoop Whoop! Once again the end of an Eastern Cup was upon us as we got ready to leave, going through motions of taking down the tent, packing things away and getting in the 2 vans classified as homework van and rowdy van.

I was in the homework van and in all honesty, we really did try to get work done, but I guess sitting in a van with friends…well, it can be a bit difficult to concentrate. It might also have been the twisting roads winding through the valley, threatening even the most stable stomachs a bit of unease. As the long drive progressed we slowly drifted into the tired craze, where we start laughing at anything and everything, and usually wondering what we are even laughing at.

When at last we arrived at Centerra, we were snapped out of our reverie and forced to attempted the arduous task of walking again, and then the even harder task of staying awake long enough to get home. A fun weekend was had and a good night to all.


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  1. the description of the race and the ambiance around the lodging and eating and van riding is very well done, with good vocabulary and syntax. CJG

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