Waterville EC Weekend

by Perrin (spiced by Jack)

We packed up the vans in preparation for the 4 hour drive to the Eastern cup in Waterville ME. Everyone who had been or was sick was banished to the “ebola bus” in hopes that the common cold wouldn’t spread. On the drive North we had fun making jokes about Andy’s thumbs (they are…. unusual). We stopped in Portland at Whole Foods and walked out with a huge variety of foods in many boxes. We finally arrived at a pleasant bed and breakfast run by Billy, a man with a quintessential  Maine accent and that Vactionland charm. We also had the pleasure of meeting his wiggly dog Lucy. We set up our air mattresses in the cramped but cozy rooms, and fell asleep with dreams of the race the next day.

Playing Telstrations in the "healthy" van

Playing Telstrations in the “healthy” van

After sleeping in to the luxurious hour of 6:30am, we all enjoyed a breakfast of cheesy eggs (thanks Keith!) and oatmeal (it sticks to your ribs). Upon arriving at the venue for the first race of the weekend, we were greeted by the relentless barking of Bark the dog in the car next to us. We skied the 1.5k course that would serve as both the 5k (three laps) and the 10k (six laps). The older boys got to go back to the inn to rest before their afternoon race, the rest of us stayed in the windy, snowy weather to warm up and wax for the U16 races. Jacob had a small incident where he fell out of the start and into the emergency room. His elbow had been hyperextended, but despite his unfortunate events, he told us that evening that he had had a great warm up. The U16s got to return to Billy’s right after our race as the U18s went back to the venue. We showered and hung out watching a Donald Trump rally and playing a really fun game called Telestrations that Sara had brought. We congratulated the older boys when they got back, and were impressed by Malcom’s determination after getting up early that morning to drive the 4 hours to the race (he had a play to perform in the night before) and then went right to playing table ping pong (thanks for bringing it Jack). After a feast of pasta, followed by brownies, we received our battle plans for the next day. The crew fell asleep under the shingled roof, all cuddled up under warm blankets.

Sunday we had to get up a bit earlier because we had to have time to wax, and also we were packing out. We were happy to be able to leave our overnight bags at the inn while we spent most of the day racing. The snow was incredible when we got on our skis on the now 3.3k loop. See Erik’s blog post for more details and race reports about Sunday! On the drive home, Jack read poetry to Keith. After a quick stop at New London, we arrived at Centerra with tired smiles on our faces, happy to be back, but sad that the fun weekend was over. I’m looking forward to next time!

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