Waterville Classic Race Report I

by Erik

Sunday’s races seemed like they went well for for most people, if not everyone. One of my favorite parts of today was skiing when we first arrived in the morning. The tracks were fresh, and the new snow sparkled as the sun rose overheard. After setting up the tent and the tables, I slipped on my classic boots and slapped some V30 on my skis. I hadn’t had this good skiing since ol’ Mt. Sainte Anne; it was spectacular. I had to fight the urge to just keep skiing, because I knew I had to get off my feet before my race. The U16 races were in the morning, and without second thought, I hopped on my training skis, and yelled positive things to my teammates as they ripped around their 4.8 km course. Everyone looked great out there. A little shoutout to Andy, Aidan, Greta, and Kennedy, because I thought they skied extremely smooth and powerful races, on a challenging course. John also looked great, especially on a sharp turn near the end of the first lap where he got off balance, but managed to right himself, and finish strong. Great job to Johanna and Perrin on working together and putting up a vicious fight against a strong field of athletes. And Sara finally got to experience the fun/pain of a 10k race!

Cheering for the U18 boys

Cheering for the U18 boys

Finally, my race began at 12:30, and that was very exciting. I managed to get a great start, and generally hold my spot for the whole race. My skis were fast, and my kick worked well, so there wasn’t much more I could have asked for. I skied with different packs of skiers, and managed to move up slowly, and ski behind good skiers who passed me. I excelled on downhills, thanks to the hours spent at Oak Hill over the years, where the downhills cause more pain than the uphills. I was worried that I went out too hard, but I was able to be efficient, and rest when I could. I finished strong, and was happy with the result. This day was exciting and full of activity, and that means we had to be extremely organized and on time, which was exactly what happened. Thanks to the coaches for great waxing, and organizing all the little details as always. Eastern Cups are fun if they are done right, and I’m happy to say that I had a great time.


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