Trapp Time Trial

by Grant

January 9th, 8:00 we’re loading the van, prepared to depart for our classic time trial at Trapps. During the ride up we were looking at different racing uniforms, trying to make ugly ones look better, and cool ones ugly. It was quite interesting.

Once at Trapps we unloaded, went inside, changed, waxed classic skis, and went on a course preview until 11:20. Our time trial started at 11:30. The course was very twisty, hilly, and bumpy. There were many wipeouts.

After the time trial the team went on a cool down. Half the team skied up to the cabin, we ran out of time before we got there though. On the trip up to the cabin every ones kick wax froze and there was about 2 inches of snow/ice in the kick zone.  At that point we had to hurry back to the bus, so we bombed down a trail, hitting jumps, slaloming around turns, and of course, face planting.

Once we got back to the van we loaded up, changed, and started the long trip home.

However, on the trip back we stopped at a chocolate factory, then continued on our way.

Since there were no photos taken today, this one from Wednesday’s intervals at Strafford will have to suffice.  Quite a vista from the lookout atop Ridgeline/1950 loop on a beautiful evening!  Many thanks to Strafford, Millikens, and Trapp for hosting this week’s on-snow training.

Greta, Sara, Kennedy, Aidan

Greta, Sara, Kennedy, Aidan

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