Craftsbury Eastern Cup Opener: Part III

by Greta – with thanks to Gary Solow and NENSA for the photos

Sunday: 5km freestyle, interval start

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When we woke up this Sunday morning, it was pitch black outside and the wind was blowing snow off the roof as we reluctantly climbed out of our beds. After a thorough packing job and a delicious breakfast of oatmeal and scrambled eggs, both vans departed for Craftsbury. As we headed up the steep hill that had caused a commotion the day before, everyone was tense and anxious to see whether or not trusty Gertrude and her sister would make it up the icy hill. When both vans made it, we were deeply relieved. Now all that we could feel were the pre-race nerves that were slowly getting more and more amplified inside of us.

After the vans were unloaded, we all went straight to the course to ski before the course closed. The snow was in much better condition today, and it felt so good to be on skis for the second time in just one weekend! Once the course closed, teammates began to embark on their carefully planned warm ups and then headed to the start of the 5k skate race which would consist of 5 laps around a swirly loop.

erik-craftsbury 5k-gs2953

Erik (Gary Solow photo)

One by one, Ford Sayre racers stepped up to the start line and waited for the beep that would signify the beginning of their second Eastern Cup race of the 2015-16 season. As we powered over the hills and stepped around corners, we listened to our teammates cheer us on. Cooling down from the long race allowed us all to go for runs along the fields and by the farms on the dirt road, or through the woods filled with snow. After we had finished racing and cooling down, we bundled up and cheered on everyone else who was racing. Finally, once all Ford Sayre skiers had finished racing, we loaded the vans and sadly had to say good-bye to Chelsea and Chris who had very kindly spent their weekend with us. They waxed our skis and gave us tips on our technique that we were all very appreciative of.

When the vans were ready to go, those of us who were not leaving directly from Craftsbury to go on vacation with family climbed into the vans for a calm and quiet ride home. As the vans headed south on the various backroads and highways, we were able to see the snowcapped peaks of the Presidential range, and eventually, the snow began to disappear along the sides of the road until there was only a small dusting on the trees hanging over the parking lot at Centerra, our final destination for this weekend.    

Photos below are from the NENSA Facebook page:

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