Craftsbury Eastern Cup Opener: Part I


by Erik

Andy and Justin were on dinner crew

Andy and Justin were on dinner crew

Friday afternoon went according to plan. To my knowledge, loading the vans at Centerra was not a problem. Malcolm and I were picked up from the park and ride in Thetford. As we cruised on the highway, I couldn’t stop my eyes from closing. I fell into a deep sleep, and didn’t wake up until we had arrived at our house. There was a thin blanket of snow that covered the land around us. In no time at all, we had brought all our bags inside the house, and changed into running clothes, ready to go. Snow flakes started to fall softly, as the sky grew darker. We ran, and did speeds until the darkness prevented us from continuing. We settles into our houses, and were assigned places to sleep. It wasn’t long after that, when I smelled dinner being cooked up in the kitchen.

IMG_8216The dinner crew made us a huge feast, which was great. I knew that I would do my part to help, by doing the dishes afterwards. Dinner was followed by a team meeting and cookies. We discussed the plans for the Saturday race. Everyone seemed very tired towards the end of the meeting, and I had a feeling that we would all sleep great. Once the kitchen was clean and ready to go for the morning, we all headed to bed. It was a relaxing day.

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