Season Kick-off OD

by Perrin

IMG_7858Last Sunday was the first Over Distance of the season! OD’s are the best part of training so I was excited to start the season off this way. We set out from Scottie’s house after struggling to wrap a cardboard box with wrapping paper in a…unique way.

The team has grown by 7 people this year and it was awesome to have a big group of nordic skiers running down the road in fluorescent yellow and orange. We bounded up Pinnacle Hill and got some helpful technique tips from Paddy Caldwell who we were lucky enough to have with us. In fact, the previously mentioned wrapped box was meant for Paddy as a send-off care package for his first few races with the U.S. ski team.

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At the top of Pinnacle we stopped for a quick picture and happily started the descent, looping back to Scottie’s house at the end of the 90 minute run.

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We didn’t get to rest for long, and we were soon striding up Holt’s with some brave 8th graders. We’re nordic skiers; what did you expect? After the steep hike up Holt’s Ledge, we joined the rest of BKL families and immediately searched the crowd for cookies. So thank you to people who made cookies. They were delicious.


We had a big group picture and then, per tradition, had a tug of war contest. Kids vs. Parents. It’s on!!! There on top of Holt’s ledge, the most intense rivalry that I have experienced took place.

The kids took an easy win, due to the cookies of course, after which we were ready to take on the downhill ski trails. Let me tell you, it is called downhill skiing for a reason. Sprinting down the mountain, at an unstoppable velocity,  we turned off into the woods back to Scottie’s house.

After some confusion about an open venue for lunch, we settled down on Scottie’s cozy couches (Thank you Scottie!) We got the expertly wrapped box and filled it with chocolate, handmade cards, a shirt, and, of course, coffeeeeee. We sent Paddy off with his gift, and some envelopes to open on his race days with a treat. Parents and athletes ate a yummy lunch, and learned all about JNT. The returning skiers dissected a race weekend in great detail, and just remembering the JNT ski season made me happy. I hope the newcomers are as excited for the season as I am!! Get pumped!


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