Fall Agility

by Sara

IMG_7598Last Saturday, Perrin, Johanna, Kennedy, Arturo, Adam, Jack, and I got together to do some rollerski agility at Mulherrin Farm Road, a low traffic place with terrific pavement. After a short warm up, in which we showed everyone our lovely chicken dance and got chased by a dog, we set up our agility course with slaloms, jumps, 180’s, and a spiral that makes you dizzy. Seriously though, I don’t know how I didn’t fall over when I did the 180’s afterward:) Of course you can’t make an agility course without some decoration. Johanna and I took on the task and there were many snowmen, flowers, and whatever other things popped into our heads. After a great agility session, in which Scottie stopped by to say hi, we did some short speeds, after Adam gave us some lessons on sprint starts. It was a fun day and next time I hope we have even more people!

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