Mountain Bike-A-Thon

by Arturo

Cloudy with a chance of rain and a 100% chance of awesome. That’s how I would describe the Mountain Bike-A-thon out in Dorchester on a Saturday last month. Luckily, the light sprinkle of rain finished before we arrived. Our group was small, as we were the only ones starting from the Green Woodlands end, which was quite unusual. The team consisted of myself, my father, Tim and John, and an older gentleman named Bill. The brothers, who showed up before us, ambitiously headed off to run/explore what almost became the Carriage loop until I ran into them on my bike (not literally, of course). Interestingly enough, Tim and John previously had little to no mountain bike experience. However, being the athletes who never back down from a challenge that they are, they both opted for the 20-mile route (there were options of 10,15, and 20 mile routes) on the two mountain bikes we’d brought them, one of which, an old Miyata, had no suspension, but Tim handled it quite well, and if I’m not mistaken, everyone enjoyed the adventure. After we checked in at the pond and Tim inhaled a banana from the check-in tent, we set off on the trail. The gents kept up the rear, John and I took the lead, but Tim had a tendency to pass him on the uphills. Eventually, we came out of the woods, and spent a mile or so on a dirt road until we arrived at the Dorchester Town House for a marvelous pancake breakfast. After a truly amazing first meal of the day, we headed back out onto the trails, with a few stops for wild strawberries every now and then. When we finally made it back to the parking lot, we were all much more experienced bikers, from the beginners to the experts. After parting ways with Bill and thanking him for joining our group, the rest of us headed to Stella’s for lunch, and then on to our separate destinations. It was a lot of fun, and hopefully more Ford Sayre families will be up for it next year!

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