Strafford Relays

by Sara                                       |                                      3.1.15

[Ed. note: championship season took over the blog… now back to an early March event!]


Wax techs hard at work

The Strafford Relays were (back on March 1st…) a fun little team sprint race that was classic in the morning and skate in the afternoon.  As we arrived in the morning we got to watch Gertruuude come into the parking lot and take her place among the many cars there already.  We soon got our bibs and hauled the wax boxes, table, and rack out to the start and began waxing our skis.  Usually Scottie and Dennis do our kick wax for races but we decided to step into their shoes and did our own.  Our warm up was basically going out and testing the different waxes we had beautifully corked into our ski’s.  By the time our race came around we had each changed our wax about 5 times to get it to the perfect kick and glide combo.

We had many teams representing Ford Sayre – Arturo and Emily (Malcolm’s mom, who subbed in for an ill Perrin) racing as “Uptown Funk,” Malcolm and Adam (classic) / Whit (skate) as “Gertruuuuude’s Groupies,” Sara and Erik (“VO2 The Max”), Johanna and Colin (“Tofu Squad”), Jack and Bob (“Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince”), Jay and Peter (“Coaches Cornered”), and for the skate we also had Stan and Rebecca.


Start of the morning classic race

As the race started we would each have to do 3 laps around a 2K loop, getting a bit of rest in between each lap while our partners went.  The race started with Colin and Erik leading the way, but as the race went on the JNT members were showed up by the parents – Peter and Jay – who beat us with a bit of space… it must be those animal outfits!  As the race finished we packed away our classic skis and headed to the van to get lunch.

We started our warm up again and we could tell that Jay and Stan were getting nervous by the young competition – they tried to hide our skis in the snow so that they could win (didn’t work).  Soon it was time to race again, all of us daunted by Team Stan and Rebecca who both played rugby in college and had hinted some foul play, but we got underway and everyone came out clean.  Once again the JNT got “parented” by Jay and Peter and by one other team before Colin and Johanna got the last position on the podium.  It was a fun, relaxing day to be in Strafford and we will look forward to the event for next year!

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Pre-race preparations


View of the start/exchange zone from the far point on the course




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