Team NH U16 Training Day

by Jack

Gertruuude's pilot and co-pilot

Gertruuude’s pilot and co-pilot

It was a cool morning; the wind blowing in from the west was enough to make anyone’s hair stand on end.  It was in the parking lot of Centerra that a meeting was held and two teams converged: our faithful U16 JNT and the Lebanon High cohort.  After gracious greetings and last minute packing, our pilot, the trusty Peter Milliken, and his partner-in-crime, James Bander, steered Gertruuude out and onto the open road.

We made good time on that ocean of pavement, and sooner rather than later, we appeared in the territory of Waterville Valley.  We set up shop; skis were waxed, and we went out to meet the crew.  Standing in a circle, sizing up the new team, the excitement ran high as we followed our new fearless leaders to practice starts.  After that, and practicing the great skill of lane-changing among other things, we were put to the test with a short race.  My wax was not sticking as well as I had hoped, by none the less, I powered through and completed the workout and the team descended for a well-deserved lunch.

After sandwiches and chatter with our new teammates, we changed out to skate skis and explored some of the amazing trails at Waterville.  Through ups and downs, the trails ran long and in places, steep.  Needless to say, I fell twice, but in my defense, one was to avoid becoming part of a three-person pile up on a single track.  After most of the boy’s team had brushed themselves off, the entire team met up to compete in our first relay.  My team came in third, where my incredible skills as an anchor were revealed.  The JNT girls’ respective relay teams also did well, with most of them beating my relay team.  You can’t have everything, you know…

Finally, it was time to go home.  We packed up Gertruuude and headed home towards the Land of Centerra.

After a long day of skiing, we said goodbye to our friends from Lebanon and Arturo, and piloted Gertruuude to a new temporary home, known as the Parcel of Trumbull Lane, where this here blog post was written.

In conclusion, today was all for the best.

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