Vacation Skiing at Craftsbury!

by Perrin and Johanna

IMG_3953Day 1: After a smooth departure from Norwich, Perrin, Jack and I (Johanna) met at the Highland Lodge where we began our 20k journey to the ski center.  We chased a tourist who hadn’t quite mastered the concept of gliding, and left him in the dust as we aptly handled the very technical downhills, with the exception of a spectacular crash from none other than myself.  

After leaving Jack to go explore the rustic country store, we continued our slog through the meadows until we found ourselves at the ski center with a cup of hot chocolate in hand, right on the heels of the tourist, who sporadically switched between coaches skate and classic, or rather jogging, in a desperate attempt to beat us back.

After a very competitive monopoly game in which I proceeded to crush everyone 🙂 we met at the hockey pond, where I quickly discovered that my experience with skate skiing does not carry over to ice skating.  We all ate a sickening number of marshmallows before heading back to our rooms for a good night’s sleep.


The view from the field

Day 2: After a nice morning of sleeping in, we had a hearty and wholesome breakfast (even more so than the classic JNT breakfast), and then Johanna and I hit the new Craftsbury wax rooms.  We had all of our skis to wax, and we planned to take care of all of them by putting some warmer wax on them….two and a half hours later, we found ourselves to be utterly exhausted, even before we had gone skiing.  We did skating intervals on the steep Craftsbury race course that we had raced on earlier in the year, and then proceeded to ski across the lake.  After ten minutes of straight V2ing across the completely flat terrain, I remarked, “I must say, this is quite dull.”  At the end of the lake, James (Johanna’s dad), Peter (my dad) and their new friend, Jon (the director of the camp on the lake) had cut a hole in the ice and jumped in.  We laughed at them as they screeched, and ran barefoot through the snow to the sauna.  We then spent our time going off a jump, which Johanna only managed to land twice out of the ten or so times she did it (hey, it was a big jump!).  We skied back and were tired.  And then we ate a bunch of chips and lay on our beds and wrote this.  THE END.

Click to see a video of Johanna cruising the downhill: Downhills with a view!

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