Craftsbury EC Weekend

by the whole team… a collaborative writing project!

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We left after 5th period in school, loaded the van and picked up Erik in Thetford.  Once he hopped in we decided to play our original album for the team written by the three various girls, who are clearly heading to broadway.  The album was…… interesting.  We got to Craftsbury, and we went for a skate ski around the course.  It was beautifully groomed, but very hilly.  Afterwards, we went back to the weekend house.  We found limiting sleeping accommodations and a rather fragile septic system.  The rules were clear: 2 loads of dishes, 1 jacuzzi use, and 4 showers per day was all our little house could support.  Needless to say, we broke those rules faster than a fighter jet breaking the sound barrier.  We peered behind one door to find one creepy looking basement, with the capacity to easily hide a body a number of people noted.  After a delicious smorgasbord of burrito fixings cooked by our professional chefs, we went to bed.

We woke up early and took a hardy breakfast of JNT eggs and oatmeal before driving to Craftsbury for the first day of racing.  Kennedy and Andy, two eighth grade BKL racers excited to join JNT, joined us for the day.  Our team got to help break them in and prepare them for the Eastern Cup.  We brought them along for our warm ups and showed them the ropes of races preparation.

J2 boys were up first, with a 5K skate race.  Malcolm said it was simply hard, Jack said it was really hard, and Adam said that he liked the up hills because everyone else suffered.

J2 girls raced next, also with a 5K skate race.  Sara said it was hard and she stuck with the people behind her for most of the race.  Johanna admitted it was hard but that her technique felt good on the up hills.  That’s all she has to say.  Perrin, believe it or not, ALSO found it to be a hard race, but she claims she gave it her all and hammered the up hills.

Erik says, “my stomach felt like death. It was like it was in a garbage compactor.”  It got worse as the race progressed but in the results he actually had a very good race.

Colin remembers a great moment from his 10 K skate race.  “The French Canadian from Skibec was passing on my right, smug and very french.  His wax was really bumpin and he had some beautiful glide going for him.  As he came around me and tried pulling ahead, time seemed to slow down.  I had remembered Scottie’s warning to us the evening before: the groomers are getting bigger at Craftsbury, and they’ve been grooming trails wide as a house, but don’t let it fool you.  The sides of these trails haven’t seen this kind of grooming for long and they’re soft as a baby’s bottom.  2 feet of powder will entangle anyone who dares venture too far.  Well, like an illustration of her warning, he glided to the edge and in slow motion I watched him sink down, down, down ’til his leg was all but gone!  The last I saw of him was a baffled look that should have brought laughter to my lungs, and I not been neck deep in an exhausting race.  Silly Québécois!” [says the Candian on the team…]

The following day was a mass start.  Adam ditched the leading pack on the up hills, and came in first with an impressive lead, however Malcolm and Jack were still not far behind.  Perrin came in 5th in her mass start, chased by a frazzled and frost-bitten Johanna after being fractions of a second away from missing her race in 13th place, and then came Sara with an impressive 18th place finish.  The men tackled their 15K race, and finished with only one frozen beard and a half-frozen mustache.

All in all, it was a fantastic weekend!  We’re ready for an awesome home race next Saturday!!!


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