By Sara, Johanna, Perrin, and Jack, the New Hampshire crew… which doesn’t make any sense because we all live in Vermont…

[thanks to Ashley for the photos – and a reminder to email readers to click through to the website to see all the photos!]

THE VAN HAS A NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GERTRUUUDE (note: said as a war-call)

Last Thursday we got excused from the early morning wake up call of a 6:45am departure time, and were able to enjoy an extra 2 hours of Beauty Sleep. After a still begrudgingly early wake up, we met at the van (GERTRUUUDE) and had a speedy departure due to the fact that the amount of junk we had to pack was cut in half. We opened the GERTRUUUDE Braiding Salon during the drive and we all had our shnazzy doo’s by the time we piled out of the van. Jack was in the back getting a workout from his continuous eye rolling, but we all know that he wished he had hair as long as Chris’ so that he could get it braided by the “experts.”

And now for the part that y’all are biting your nails in anticipation for …THE RACE REPORTS!!!

jackJack: I skied the course, noting the single hill and the places where double-poll seemed like a great option. After an admittedly short warmup, I took the beautifully waxed skis, straight from the table, and tried them out.

With a small, last minute addition of kick, I was off to the races. A Vermonter, skiing under an open sky in a foreign state, fighting up hills against the best and brightest, it was racing at its finest. 

sara fieldSara: After a pretty good warm up with Perrin and Johanna, I went off to the start.  I had an ok race and the wax felt fast due to the secret special wax up Scottie and Dennis’ sleeves.  I ended up finishing in 14 which is pretty good and I will be headed off to both J2’s and EHSC!

perrin finishPerrin: In the past, my warmups have not been great, so today we tried to do an extra good warm up.  I felt relaxed and very good the whole race, and the warm up ended up paying off with a 2nd overall place finish and my acceptance to the EHSC and J2 team. 

johanna startJohanna: After a good warmup, I headed to the start.  My double poling felt pretty good and snappy on the first long flat section, and I followed through on one of my goals on the uphill, which was to stay relaxed.  Scottie’s brief lane-changing tutorial became very useful on the down hills, and I was happy with my 3rd place overall finish and am excited for J2’s and Eastern High Schools! 

After a fantastic warm/cool down, we headed back to the van, and were off, spending the duration ride using GERTRUUUDE as our new recording studio.  Jack clearly doesn’t appreciate good art, as he stuffed his ears with tissues to escape the heavenly voices of the three girls.  Not to mention the fudge, 2 dozen cookies, maple syrup, and chocolate devoured by all of us.


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