Van and Time Trial

by Perrin

On Saturday we all met at Centerra to load our new van for the season!  There was plenty of space in the van with 2 extra seats, and lots of head room so you could stand up straight!  After an uneventful, easy drive to the Proctor Academy 1.2 k trail with snow making, we immediately got on our skis and started warming up for our time trial.  The trail was groomed and the conditions were good.

The girls had to do 4 laps, the U16 boys (except Adam) had to do 5 laps, and Chris, Erik and Adam did 6 laps.  The time trial had a very hard downhill that most people skidded (at least I did) and Johanna had a hard fall.  The general comment after the race although everyone’s responses were different, was that they did not warm up enough so they did not start as well as they could have, especially because it was a cold day.

When we had warmed down on the same loop we got back in the van and tried to warm up while Hillary, Dennis, and Dave gave suggestions and comments on the time trial.  Dennis remarked that we had done what we had come to do, and I thought that it was a very productive day in general.  We had tested the new van, and completed our first time trial of the season.  Now all we need is more snow!

The Rig!!  (It needs a name…)

The Rig!! (It needs a name…)


Van and Time Trial — 2 Comments

  1. would name the rig Bucephalus, Alexander the Great’s Horse who carried Alexander all the way in battle from Greece to the shores of the Ganges in India, through Afghanistan etc. What a noble name for a rig. CJ Glueck MD

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