Rikert Classic EC

by Johanna, embellished by Colin

IMG_4361We rose with the sun (which had finally peaked out of the clouds with “cloudy cloudy cloudiness” as Adam would say), to the sights and smells of Vermont (The mountains! The livestock!). We all stood on the porch and inhaled the sweet scent of fresh Alpaca manure. After the classic JNT breakfast of oatmeal, eggs, and orange juice, we packed the van and headed to the course.

IMG_4297We made it there in one piece, unpacked with military precision, set up our race skis to be waxed, and headed out to preview the course. “The tracks are firm & icy”, cried Adam. “The downhills are fast & slick”, hollered Sara. The U16 girls and the “Men” dipped back to the van to get off our feet before our warm-ups. Jack, Arturo, Malcolm, and Adam transitioned with ease, like the well-oiled machines they are, into their warm up routines.

IMG_1387Adam’s 3rd place finish in the 5K classic raked in the loot, winning maple syrup (hopefully for the team…?). He felt good about the way he took the downhills by the horns, prevailing over the wild slopes which claimed so many racers over the course of the day.

Next up was Jack, who is currently pleading the 5th, refusing to share details. His alibi was that he was taking a shower.

Arturo proclaimed that his highlight of the day was coming around the last corner and still having enough energy to crank out a solid double pole and pull off an “intense final few meters.”

The last U16 boy was Malcolm, who was happy with the plethora of wax that Dennis had applied. Malcolm skied so hard he was too exhausted to contribute any more details.

Sara was able to mumble that she was pleased with her kick, before turning over and returning to her nap.

FullSizeRenderJohanna and Perrin worked together and skied in a pack to dodge snow-plowers, and take down various college skiers. Johanna was happy with her tempo, and Perrin was not present during the writing of this amazing post to comment.

And now for Colin’s 2¢: Erik “Enrique” Lindahl’s a MAN now! Shaking the last tendrils of fear and inhibition from his race suit, he joined me on the battlefield. We had some guest stars who broke in the Rikert course for us, featuring Sam Merrens, Paddy Caldwell, Paco DeFrancis, Isaiah St. Pierre, and the one, the only, ANDY NEWELL! The competition was heated, to say the least. The new J1 (Erik) proved himself useful, keeping ahead of me right up until the very last downhill skedaddle! We gave that hilly raceway a run for its money if I do say so myself. #yolo

The post wouldn’t be complete without a holler to Tim Caldwell, our old friend and coach; Helen Tosteson the Cornell-ite; and Chelsea Little, our waxing assistant.

Fun fact: all the J2’s beat Andy Newell’s time of 24:44!


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