Racing Season Begins!

by Arturo and Adam

And so it begins. We arrived at Centerra with the complex geometry problem of fitting countless bags into the van in front of us.  After filling the van to the brim with bags and people, we left Centerra [ed note: we had already sent one Subaru ahead with all the team equipment, and had to resort to filling another Subaru on the spot at Centerra!].




After a long day of school, Malcolm, Erik, and Jack drifted in and out of sleep.  Eventually, the bright yellow Middlebury Barns came into view.  Deciding that our van contained enough ski stuff to be classified as a trailer, we parked in the trailer area, then unloaded the skis and prepared to apply klister.  Finally, we snapped into the bindings of our well waxed skis, and headed out onto the race loop.  As usual, I [Adam] was frequently reminded not to go too hard (not that I ever do that), as we climbed the large hills of the Middlebury race loop.  After I chased Andy Newell down a hill, we continued our ski, thinking about racing the same loop the next day.  As darkness fell, we piled back into the van and headed toward the house we had rented.  We explored the house and settled down to make dinner.

While exploring the house, we found some cool stuff:


As usual, our salad was a complex team collaboration, as well as being amazingly delicious.
 image3Brownies began to take shape, burritos were prepared,and everyone dug into the dinner.

As usual, the best part of our dinner is the conversation.  The Adam manners scale now has two dogs on it, Adam is rated as Pelle, because he realizes it’s possible to take another bite before swallowing.  Colin and Dennis got into pointing wars, and elbows were strictly forbidden from the tabletop. A wooden bell was discovered above Colin, and Perrin’s extreme distaste for maple beer was revealed.

We had a team meeting with brownies (obviously the best part), then went to bed, excited to race the next day.




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  1. Please fed ex brownies to cincinnati, along with snow. You did not say how the ski conditions were. cjg

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