First Greens OD of the Season!

by Chris

This Sunday, our crew of young uns, including some parents, met at the Greens for our first official Greens OD this year.  Wax ranged from violet to red, and after we finished adhering our layers, we were on our way.  The entrance leading up to the groomed trails was quite icy, and we decided that walking was the better decision over attempting to ski up all the ice.

Once we got out onto the groomed trails the skiing was beautiful; a perfect temperature day surrounded by trees dressed in their icy white garments.  At first, getting back into the OD pace was difficult and I often found myself wondering whether I had forgotten if I was in a race.  After a few touch-ups and drink breaks, we found a pace that would work and everyone seemed to have a smile on their face.  The snow itself varied depending on where you were skiing but for the most part, it felt like we were skiing in mid-February snow.

With our first OD behind us, I am reminded of how much fun out Sunday skis are.  I am now looking forward to Green ODs to come.

The Greens OD gang

The Greens OD gang


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