Annual Lyme/Skiway FS Nordic Outing

by Colin

9 am, not quite the crack of dawn, but we were all at Scottie’s house for it and were prepped for the OD ahead! The whole 2015 JNT group made it (except for Perrin) and some parents too. With poles, trail runners, and enough fluorescent clothing to warn every hunter in the Upper Valley, we headed off on a run/ski stride through the countryside. Down into Lyme Center and up over Pinnacle Hill, we jogged and ski strode as a team. After a quick preview of some future trails for intervals, we made our way back to Scottie’s house and met up with the BKL 8th graders.

The hike to the top of Holt’s Ledge was a slippery slope; literally. We put everything on the line and summited through the icy slush to the top of the ledge. The excited voices/cacophony of the FS BKL skiers greeted us at the top of the ski hill. In a valiant attempt to get to know the next generation of JNT racers, we bridged the age gap and struck up some “playful banter” with the BKL. To say the least, there was universal excitement in the crowd! Parents, coaches, siblings, and skiers alike came together and the 2015 Ford Sayre community was immortalized in the team photo.

BKL, JNT, parents, coaches!

BKL, JNT, parents, coaches at the top of Holts


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