Trapp Skiing!

by Sara

sara trapp skiToday my parents, my sister, and I went up to visit my brother and go skiing at Trapps!  It was definitely rock skis, but the conditions were surprisingly good.  We did one loop with poles and the rest with no poles, working on our position and balancing on one ski.  We also worked on our upper body strength using the parallel bars found alongside the trail.  We worked on our pull-ups at another station (along the trail) but of course since I am the smallest one I got stuck with the short bars for this time around.  So, along with getting some skiing in (which winded me more than I would like to admit!), we got in an arm workout too 🙂  Overall there’s about 3K of trails, and a bit more if you break the rules.  After the ski, we weren’t quite ready to go home so some of us went for a hike and saw some gorgeous views and the old man went for a 6 mile run up to the new and improved cabin which my brother helped build.  It was great to be able to go skiing before Thanksgiving and I am looking forward to the upcoming race season!!!!

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