Saturday Ascutney Trip

by Erik

IMG_0078Saturday’s workout was a tough one. But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t fun.  We had a solid crew.  Adam, Perrin, Johanna, Jack, Malcolm, Sarah, Arturo, myself, and an assortment of parents.  We met at Dan and Whit’s, and drove to Mt Ascutney to tackle the long winding, paved road that led to the top.  We arrived and wasted no time as we quickly put our roller skis on, and started our workout.  As we got higher and higher up the mountain, there was more snow to be seen on the road.  Finally, near the top, we took our skis off and walked the rest of the way.  The view at the top was spectacular.  But we had to quickly put some layers on so we wouldn’t freeze.  The hike back down was nice, and overall it was a great day.

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Jack, Perrin, Johanna, Erik, Adam, Sara, Malcolm, Arturo on the summit

Jack, Perrin, Johanna, Erik, Adam, Sara, Malcolm, Arturo (and Phinney and Dache) on the summit


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