Lake Placid REG Camp: Adam

by Adam    

As a member of NENSA’s 2014/15 Development Team, Adam was invited to participate in the U16 portion of the Regional Elite Group camp in Lake Placid in late June.

I headed up to Lake Placid on Thursday morning, stopping at Middlebury for a breakfast of bagels.  We eventually arrived at the Lake Placid Olympic Training Center, a large building near the olympic venue.  On Thursday afternoon, we we went to do some agility work on rollerskis. After a brief van ride, we arrived at the jumping complex near the gigantic ski jumps. We got our skate rollerskis on and skied up to their rollerski loop.  The rollerski loop is about 3.5 km and is like a normal ski course, except it has more manageable downhill and has perfect pavement rather than snow (we need one in Hanover). They had set up a crazy agility course which included jumping over stuff, 180s, backward skiing, figure 8s, circling around cones, downhill slalom, off road running (still on rollerskis) with old jumps, and much more fun stuff. Bryan Fish, a U.S. Ski team coach posted some video of skiers on the course (I don’t think it includes me, but you can see what I was doing:

After our agility workout we had a tasty dinner and went to a presentation on classic technique.  I also got to play an improvised game of ultimate frisbee with many of the other J2s which was really fun because of none us were very good at throwing or catching, but we could all run really really really fast.


Adam rollerskiing

Adam rollerskiing

On Friday we went for a technique focused OD rollerski (classic double pole only).  It was really long, we skied for 2 hours in the hot sun and I got really tired.  About half an hour into the ski, I had settled in right behind Anders.  We had just finished a downhill and were coasting along a flat section when Anders’ right rollerski’s front wheel went flying off.  He managed to stay upright, skidding on his one wheeled ski and crashed into the grass.  Thankfully he was okay and got another pair of skis and caught up again.  We also stopped briefly to do a drill where we would jump and over-exaggerate hip movement.  A lot of the long hot ski was right next to a cool river.  When we finished, we got to jump in and go swimming, which was really fun.

That afternoon, we did some bounding drills and then went for a skate rollerski.  We went on a road that had recently been paved and had perfect smooth pavement, it was fun.  

On Saturday morning we got up and went to Mount White Face in Wilmington.  We did several hot and tiring bounding intervals ranging from 30 seconds to 3 minutes in length.    That afternoon came the dreaded strength test.  I did pull ups, sit ups, push ups, box jumps, and dips.  I’m still sore. Afterward, we played a random game of volleyball for fun.  

On Sunday we went on a skate rollerski.  During the ski we did V2 alternate speeds on a gradual uphill. We also did 1 vs. 1 short sprints and steep uphill V1 speed repeats.  The ski was super hot and we were helped by vans who let us refill our water bottles.  After my 1.5 hour “official ski time” was done, I chased the older J1 boys, and then caught up with their lead skier doing a speed uphill.  On Sunday afternoon, my family and I drove back home and we got to take a ferry over Lake Champlain.

Adam and younger sisters

Adam and younger sisters


imageimageAnd it wouldn’t be a complete Adam blog post without some food pictures!  One of the best parts of staying in lake placid (other than skiing) was the food: you can make your own smoothie, they have blenders and you can choose what ingredients to put in; in the morning, there’s a chef who makes you custom omelets, I put peppers and onions in mine.



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