EHSC Race Report II: Colin

by Colin

Colin and Erik were in the same sprint wave!

Colin and Erik were in the same sprint wave!  Colin skied for NH, Erik for VT.  Colin is sporting the hat he obtained in the Friday evening yankee swap – which served to make him invisible to his own coaches in the classic race!

This being the penultimate EHS Championships for moi, it was a real surprise. Mainly, holy cow how about that weather!? I think it’s worth noting that it’s been a while, in my opinion, since it’s stayed so cold right to EHSC. I’m quite used to slogging through slush or sweating profusely under a beating sun. Well, the sun hid behind the calm grey snow clouds the whole weekend and left us to a bitter, bone-chilling end-of-the-weekend relay that kept everyone on their tip toes. My races, for the majority, were to my satisfaction. The hubbub of a just recently united team can really getchya when you’re not expecting it, and I’d have to admit it got me so that my race mind wasn’t quite working when I needed it to be. Outside of that, the weekend was really exciting and I was always anticipating the next race. The classic, a 7.5K that may have been described as an inadvertent pile up/brawl a good number of times, was a fearsome challenge which I took by the horns. The sprint was a real whirl of a time, ending before it started, and I tip my hat to Erik for his solid competition in my wave. The relay was good fun and fellow teammate Mark Young and I had a real heck of time blasting past a group of nearly ten skiers on our classic skis who were all fearfully snow plowing down the icy hill. I felt no fear. I went, I saw, I skied with everything I had. (Nothing can truly describe the utter absence of energy from my body when I got home…and collapsed into a 2 day slumber.)

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