EHSC Race Report I: Sam and Sara

Sam in the sprint     (Dennis photo)

Sam in the sprint (Dennis photo)

by Sam

I had a great time this weekend! The EHSC races were some of the most fun races of the season. I enjoyed getting to race high schoolers from all over the Northeast. With that many people there, there’s an aura of excitement around the whole venue. For me, the races went well. I’ve always thought I wasn’t a sprinter, but the skate sprint turned out to be a blast! I’m pleased to wrap up my last high school racing season with this weekend’s races, and I’m looking forward to racing in the future, wherever it may be.

Sara is a blur in the classic race     (Dennis photo)

Sara is a blur in the classic race (Dennis photo)

by Sara

EHSC was a fun weekend of socializing, eating, skiing,…and some more eating. Sadly the races this weekend did not go well for me, partially due to the fact that I had a cold, and I guess I just didn’t have my “mojo.” Everyone else seemed to have terrific races and I am still hoarse from cheering everyone on. I was sad to have to leave both J2’s and EHSC, not only because they are my last sks of the year, but because they were so much fun, and lots of the people that I met will not be there next year. Anyways, I am looking forward to doing some more amazing skiing and next years ski season!

after the classic race

after the classic race


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