First Eastern Cups: Craftsbury Dec 14-16 2012

by George, Sam, Noah (aka the College boys)

Saturday was the first Eastern Cup of the season, and for most of us a day of finding out just what hard efforts feel like on snow.  Our daring excursion to the Northeast Kingdom began Friday with a clever Terri’s game played in the back of the van in order to squish all our gear into the Ford Sayre Van v 2.0.  We were joined by two alums on our trek northward, Chelsea Little and Lizzie Torkelson.  When we found that there was no auxiliary jack for us to play music we filled the time with games, talk of ligers, litigons, and healthcare.  When we arrived at Craftsbury there were two loops to ski each less than 2km.  While the alums and coaches conversed in hushed tones over waxing for the next day, us athletes got on our skate skis and visited with fellow racers while loping around the course.  We retired to our house, and quickly were in enveloped in the warmth of the fire, drifting away into our subconscious as we fell asleep.

When we awoke on Saturday the buzz of excitement was intangible as we stumbled out of our beds.  With the coffee maker broken our caffeine dependent crew struggled to make sense of the morning.  When we arrived at the venue skiers were checking out the course.  We slapped on some wax to test and went out to check how the course had set up overnight.  With Chelsea representing us as our only female racer, she tested the water for our later skiers and relayed critical information to our first boy racers describing the course.  After racing we discovered to our dismay that the world was ending on December 21st, also the results were corrupted and we would to have do another qualifying round in the afternoon.  This is of course an issue since Northern light quickly disappears after noon, so by the time the races were starting our finishes were accompanied by a lovely sunset; all the while the temperature was rapidly dropping.  

The Team woke up on the second day of Eastern Cup skiing and was greeted with some snow showers that turned to heavy snow by the afternoon.  The J2 boys got out on the course first to race 3 laps of the 1.75ish k skate loop.  Chris was not feeling well, so guest appearance Adam (Ford Sayre BKL) joined Colin to battle it out with 40 or so other J2 boys.  The college boys (plus Tucker) got a quick preview of the course before it was turned to cornmeal by all the J2 skiers, the women’s field, and half of the men’s field.  So as Chelsea raced through the mush for her 5 laps, the big boys lounged in the van, eating cookies and brownies.  Scottie and Dennis soon roused the big boys for their warmup.  Sam led, starting 5 minutes ahead of Noah, then George followed just 2 minutes behind Noah.  Tucker was racing his first distance longer than 5k, so had no points, and started about an hour after Sam.  Big Tuck did extremely well in his first J1 distance race, especially considering how little he had been on snow before this weekend. In fact, that goes for the entire FSJNT crew.  This is the first year they did not have any team intervals on snow before the Eastern Cup Opener, but they jumped onto race skis and hammered some very solid races.

Thanks to Peg and Lizzie for the iphone shots – we’ll try to do better with pictures!




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