Stowe Eastern Cups

A great weekend!  Lots of skiing, not a lot of blogging or picture-taking, so here are some quotes and random photos from the weekend.

“I skied so hard I blew my contact out and it stuck to the lense of my glasses.  I couldn’t figure out why everything was blurry!” – Emily, after Sunday’s skate race

“I have two things to say: thank you for cheering for me on those hills… and I really didn’t like you then.” – George to Scottie, after Sunday’s skate race

we seem to have the van loading thing down… except that part about keeping stuff off the door mechanism…
(aka, where’s Isaiah when we need him?)
Coach Alice!  FS BKL & JNT alum, now coaching Mt Mansfield BKL and Masters

and thanks to Eric and Sam M for this video from Sunday’s race: 2012-02-05 FS Stowe

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